Contact & Estimate

Timeframe: 1 week

The beginning of every new project starts with you getting in touch with us. For custom project we have designed a special contact form for you to fill out. This gives us a great starting point and allows us to gather all the important information required in putting together an accurate estimate. 

Once we discuss your project we will put together a general estimate outlining the costs involved and timeframes for completion. We try to be as accurate as possible with our estimates and will often absorb any cost increases due to our own quotation error. That being said, estimates are subject to change based on external factors such as; market cost increase on raw materials, fluctuations in exchange rates, change is scale of project, change in materials used, change in timeline, etc. General estimates are valid for 14 days.

Once the client has agreed to the estimated costs, there is a 10% deposit(based on project estimate subtotal) required to move forward into the Design & Planning phase.

Note: We do not provide any speculative work, design services or site visits prior to the Design & Planning phase of the process.

Design & Planning

Timeframe: 1 - 3 weeks

When we start the design & planning phase, we have a solid idea of what the client is looking for and can begin to develop that idea into something tangible. However this is not always set in stone, we often discuss alternative approaches that perhaps hadn't been considered.

If the client is looking for an original design we will often develop a conceptual design which is refined through revisions. If the client has an existing brand or design we will analyze and translate that design to the best of our ability.

We can also do local site visits as needed to address any challenges and ensure all measurements are accurate.

Gaslight will deliver a final scale vector drawing of your project, which can be included on your signage city permit. Gaslight Electric does not prepare your signage permit application, but can have this arranged at an additional cost. 

Once the final design is approved, the is a fabrication deposit of 40% (based on project estimate subtotal) required to move forward. 

Note: Original designs are not permitted for use beyond the purpose of the project, unless otherwise specified. ie. using original sign design for branding and identity, marketing materials, printed signage etc. 


Timeframe: 5 - 14 weeks
(based on demand & scale)

Gaslight Electric does not sacrifice quality for quantity. We typically only complete a couple dozen large projects per year. We prefer to use traditional tools and techniques to produce well designed, high quality specialty signage. The fabrication process is very hands on and time consuming, while this may seem a hinderance to our business, it is actually what allows us to craft a superior product.

Fabrication time varies greatly based on the scope and complexity of the project.

All of our signs use UL approved or listed components, and meet local electrical code requirements. All commercial projects are to be CSA inspected and approved.

We will notify you when your project is complete and ready to be delivered or shipped.


Timeframe: 1 - 4 weeks
(based on method, distance & availably) 

Completed project will either be delivered directly by Gaslight Electric or shipped via courier or freight. There is usually significant costs involved in shipping large projects long distances. We try our best to determine these costs when preparing our initial estimates, but all shipping or delivery rates are subject to change.



Gaslight Electric does provide installation services on large commercial projects. We recommend that commercial clients consult with the contractor who is most familiar with the structure of their building, and we will work with them to ensure the sign is designed to be safely mounted. It is the clients responsibility to have a licensed electrician preform electrical hookup if directly hardwiring into the building's electrical supply. 

Alternately Gaslight Electric can arrange the installation with a reputable local building contractor and electrical hookup with a local licensed electrician, at an additional expense.

Smaller projects are designed to be easily installed/ hung by the client or during delivery and usually can be powered by plugging into a nearby 120v electrical outlet.

Note: Incandescent bulbs are consumable items, they typically will have a 3000hr. lifespan. Gaslight Electric is not required to provide free replacements once bulbs reach the end of their lifespan. Typically we will provide spare bulbs upon delivery as a courtesy, please contact us regarding replacement bulbs or low power LED upgrades.

**DO NOT** replace bulbs with hardware store bulbs, these bulbs are typically 25watts or higher per bulb. Gaslight Electric typically bulbs that are 10watts or lower per bulb. Using high wattage bulbs in large quantities may overload electrical capacity and subject higher than intended heat to the unit. 

Gaslight Electric is not liable for any damages caused by the misuse of these products, or damage caused by client during handling, moving, or servicing.